The Poplo platform revolves around providing simple solutions for daily chores with a focus on local communities, safety and trust. Signing up on the platform can be done in the Poplo App, it's free and available to download in the App Store. You can also register as a service provider with this link. We are curious about your opinion and thoughts. Let us know how you think about the platform,here is a link where you can easy contact us.
Service providers are the businesses who are screened and offer their skills, experience and time on the platform. That could be your favorite hairdress who offers his skills on the platform or old classmate who saves your Friday Night as a Make-up artist.
All service providers are screened on identification and proven experience in order to meet the Poplo standard. Service providers also build trust and reputation by reviews that can be read by anyone on the platform.
Poplo provides a local, safe & secure online community. The Poplo service providers that offer their services are from your area or neighborhood. We screen the service providers and offer an in-App chat system so that communication is simple and easy to manage. Poplo uses a reliable payment system where you pay for the services after the job gets done.
There is an in-App messaging feature where you can chat with the service provider, for providing more details or express additional needs.
Our system supports different types of payment and withdrawal methods. Payments finds place after completion of services. Poplo will wait three days to release the payment to the service provider. There is a fair-use policy, if we get the notion that a person frauds on the platform, his or her profile can be blocked.
Whether you just registered yourself to try out the App or allready started as a Poplo Pro, our team is always there for you, before, during and after the completion of the service. We have answered the most frequently asked questions on this page. If you have other questions please contact us here. The easiest way is to send a Tweet or a Facebook Message.
Yes! Signing up on the platform or offering talent as business is free. Other platforms choose a member only model or service providers subscription form and charge for every lead / click, regardless of whether it yields something at the end of the day. Personally, we find that it doesn't match our way of working and serving the community, therefore Poplo asks only a 20 % percentage of the Poplo service provider per completed services. This allows us to reinvest in the platform and offer users and service providers more.
The Android App is not ready, yet! Everyone on the team is up and running to get an Android version of the App in the Google Play store. Once the Android version will be available, we will announce this through all our channels.
Our goal is to deliver quality solutions, therefore it was decided to start first in Eindhoven and then realize sustainable growth. You can help us by Sharing and Liking our Facebook Page. The more attention and numbers of service providers signing up helps the platform to grow. We believe in the power of an open and online community that you can be a part of!
You can offer your services by registering here. We will contact you as soon as possible so that you can start right away. It is not allowed to create more than one Poplo account. And please be careful with your personal information and don't send it to third parties. If you suspect an infringement on your profile, please contact us at
We treat personal data strictly confidential. In our terms you can find more information. Should you require further assistance, please contact us on our contactpage.